Oleksandr "Alex"  Tkachenko

Associate Professor

Organization, Information and Learning Sciences

Contact Information

  • Zimmerman Library 241
  • (505) 277-7241


Curriculum Vitae

Oleksandr “Alex” Tkachenko holds a PhD in Human Resource Development with minor in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. Before his PhD studies, he worked as a trainer, project manager, and consultant in the Netherldands and in Ukraine. Oleksandr received his master’s degree in Comparative and International Development Education from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

In OILS, Dr. Tkachenko teaches courses in Foundations of HRD & Instructional Technology, Team Development & Facilitation,Training Techniques, Consulting & Project Management, Leading Change, and Advanced Seminar on Organization Development and Consulting. His research interests include workplace learning, employee engagement, leadership development, and international HRD. Oleksandr published articles in such journals as Journal of Management & Organization, Human Resource Development Review,The Journal of Workplace Learning, and Human Resource Development International.


Tkachenko, O., Quast, L.N., Song, W., & Jang, S. (2018). Courage in the workplace: The effects of organizational level and gender on the relationship between behavioral courage and job performance. Journal of Management & Organization. http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/jmo.2018.12

Tkachenko, O., Hahn, H.J., & Peterson, S.L. (2017). Research-practice gap in applied fields: An integrative literature review. Human Resource Development Review, 16(3), 235-262.

Tkachenko, O., & Ardichvili, A. (2017). Cultural-historical activity theory’s relevance to HRD: A review and application. Human Resource Development Review, 16(2), 135-157.

Collins, J.C., Zarestky, J., & Tkachenko, O. (2017). An integrated model of Critical HRD and National HRD: Considering new possibilities for Human Resource Development. Human Resource Development International, 20(3), 236-252.

Tkachenko, O., Hahn, H.J., & Peterson, S. (2016). Theorizing the research-practice gap in the field of management: A review of key frameworks and models. In C. Hughes and M. Gosney (Eds.). Bridging the Scholar-Practitioner Gap in Human Resources Development (pp. 101-119), Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Tkachenko, O. (2015). Recognizing Eli Ginzberg and Human Resources: The Wealth of a Nation (1958): Where are the seeds of (national) HRD? Human Resource Development International, 18(1), 105-112.

Rana, S., Ardichvili, A, & Tkachenko, O. (2014). A theoretical model of the antecedents and outcomes of employee engagement: Dubin’s method. Journal of Workplace Learning,26(3/4), 249-266.