Awards and Honors

Employee Award Program

University Libraries established the award program in 2004. The award selection committee reviews nominations and chooses the winners. Nominations can be submitted by any college employee in 3 award categories: Exemplary Employee Award, Bright Idea Award, and the Project Implementation Award for a team effort. Winners receive time off with pay, Lobocash and a certificate presented at the annual award ceremony.


2019 Award Winners

Exemplary Employee Award

Monica Dorame

Rebecca Harris

Bright Idea Award

Portia Vescio

Project Implementation Team Award

 Rooms Working Group (Nancy Bennett, Jonathan Hartshorn, Lucia Katz, Mel Ribas, Brett Nafziger, and Anne Schultz


Previous Employee Award Winners

Exemplary Employee Award
2005 - Rebecca Bauerschmidt
2006 - Susan Magee
2007 - Bonifacio Anglada, Ed Padilla, Louie Perez, Anne Schultz
2008 - Anne Schultz, Steve Keller
2009 - Rik Burkard, Christine Nelson
2010 - Clark McLean, Carol Renfro, Dave Herzel
2011 - Heidi Perea, Ava Kargacin, Carroll Botts
2012 - Aaron Blecha, Wendy Pedersen
2013 - George Farr, Joseph Lane
2014 - Leslie Bronson, Connie Kelly
2015- Nancy Brown-Martinez, Jean Delacour
2016- Susan Hessney-Moore, Sandy Provencio
2017- Frances Morgan, Adrienne Warner
2018 - Christopher Larranaga, Amy Winter
2019 - Monica Dorame, Rebecca Harris
Bright Idea Award Winners
2005 - Nancy Brown Martinez
2006 - Techie Brown Bag Team
2007 - Serials Receiving/Bindery/Marking
2008 - Deborah Cole
2009 - Interlibrary Loan Dept.
2012 - Celebrating NM Statehood Project Team
2013 - Silvia Lu
2014 - Chris R. Johnson
2015- Aaron Blecha
2016- Nancy Bennett
2017- Bonnie Bryant
2018 - Kevin Brown
2019 - Portia Vescio
Project Implementation Team Winners 
2013 - Web Implementation Team (Zoe Chao, Holly Phillips, Lori Townsend, Amy Jackson, Christine Sraha, Brian Freels-Stendel) 
2014 - JSTOR Project Team (Bonifacio Anglada, Mary Bruesch, Thomas Cabot, Russell Cole, Kat Gullahorn, Jonathan Hartshorn, Steven A. Keller, William Kinney, Deborah Kozerski, Rudy  Meixell, Louie Perez, Anne Schultz, Jason Shoup, Emily Veenstra-Ott)
2015- API Team (Cameron Stewart, Jonahlyn Gilstrap, Jerrick Morsey, Eric Nudel, Brian K. Freels-Stendel)
2016- Parish Library Shifting Team (Nancy Bennett, Deborah Kozerski)
2017- The Better World Books Project (Bonifacio Anglada, Betty Blackburn, Joe Lane, Damian Wasson)
2018 - IT Workstation Team (John Benedetto, Carl Donsbach, Charles Funnell, Kathleen Garcia, Dave Rixse, and Rob Wiberg)
2019 - Rooms Working Group (Nancy Bennett, Jonathan Hartshorn, Lucia Katz, Mel Ribas, Brett Nafziger, and Anne Schultz