Planning for the Future

Strategic Plan 2017-2020


Mission  |  What We Are All About

The College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences (UL&LS) supports our communities by providing expertise, instruction, services, spaces, and collections that advance scholarship, teaching, and intellectual discovery.

Vision  |  What We Aspire to Do

The UL&LS will strengthen our role as an essential partner in research, learning, and scholarly communication. We will be a leader in imagining, creating, and realizing the 21st century academic research library and university.

Strategies & Priorities  |   Where We Will Focus

Strategies serve as UL&LS wide initiatives and provide a lens that guides each of our initiatives. Our priorities set our direction and goals in order to serve our mission and achieve our vision. Together, they inform our decisions and resource allocation and guide our operations. The following strategies and priorities will be our focus in the UL&LS for the next three years.


Strategies provide a framework that gives us direction and guides our choices. Seven strategies emerged from UL&LS individual strategic initiatives that will serve as UL&LS wide goals. The strategies will also be applied when exploring new directions, implementing strategic priorities, and during assessment. (1) For new directions, the seven strategies in combination will provide a framework for brainstorming possibilities. (2) For implementation, each of the seven strategies will be addressed as part of the action plans when determining individual goals, objectives, and projects. (3) For assessment, overlaying each of the seven strategies over each of our priorities will provide a gap analysis.

Strategies will be applied UL&LS wide as well as within individual projects. Administrators will assign responsibility for UL&LS wide projects. Individual projects will be implemented by a team and will require specific action plans that address who, where, when, and how we will reach our goals and objectives in addition to the requirements listed below.

The UL&LS administration will be accountable for the success of the strategic plan. The administration will support implementation of the strategic plan by communicating strategies and priorities, allocating resources, and making sure that employees are involved by applying the strategies to both practical and tactical everyday work.

Strategy 1  |  Communication

Effective communication fosters trust, builds strong relationships, and improves performance. UL&LS administration will develop and implement a communications strategy featuring effective internal communication and marketing to our stakeholders.

  • UL&LS:
    • Communicate with employees about strategic priorities and strategies.
    • Determine UNM and community stakeholders, conduct a needs analysis, and market and promote priorities to them.
  • Every project will include a communication plan.

Strategy 2  |  Community Engagement & Partnerships

Collaborating with partners serves our users by sharing talent and resources, increasing visibility, and expanding services. UL&LS will prioritize community engagement, aligning with UNM’s goal to be designated a community engaged university. UL&LS administration will produce a community engagement plan that will build relationships to help meet our mission and advance our strategic plan.

  • UL&LS:
    • Identify national and regional partners.
    • Reach out and formalize appropriate partnerships.
  • Every project will identify potential partners, discover their goals, figure out where their goals align with ours, and create opportunities for formal collaboration and partnerships.

Strategy 3  |  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations bring richness to UNM and perform better. UL&LS will prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. UL&LS administration will lead planning to produce a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that will honor diversity, ensure fairness and access, and create an environment where all employees are treated respectfully and valued for their distinctive skills and perspectives.

  • UL&LS:
    • Collect and analyze data and develop a strategy based on findings.
    • Change policies and procedures and implement initiatives. Evaluate success.
  • Every project will examine the initiative to make sure that it is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Strategy 4  |  Fundraising

Fundraising makes it possible to realize strategic priorities that might otherwise be difficult to implement with existing resources. UL&LS administration will devise and implement a fundraising strategy that will generate income to meet both short term and long term strategic priorities.

  • UL&LS:
    • Develop a fundraising strategy that provides support for major initiatives.
    • Determine the need for outside contributions, explore funding prospects, set specific goals, and make our case.
  • Every project will include a vision and a rough budget estimate for use in allocation of resources and in development.

Strategy 5  |  Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development helps employees adapt to changes in roles and tasks triggered by new strategic priorities and the changing landscape of higher education. UL&LS administration will devise and implement a Human Resource Development Plan that develops the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to adapt to changing roles.

  • UL&LS:
    • Build capacity for employees to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that will serve the needs of the strategic plan.
  • Every project will include recommendations for KSAs to develop and means of learning that might include career development, formal or informal training, coaching, or mentoring.

Strategy 6  |  Physical Spaces

Transforming spaces allows us to design spaces around user needs. UL&LS administration will develop a plan that will transform spaces to enhance student learning and to feature distinctive collections.

  • UL&LS:
    • Envision the future of spaces by understanding our mission and strategic goals.
    • Explore possible use of spaces, analyze feasibility, prioritize, plan the transformation, and take action.
  • Every project will include the purpose of the space, potential partners in the space, and the type, size, quantity, and location of spaces.

Strategy 7  |  Web & Digital Presence

Our web and digital presence provide essential access to services and resources. UL&LS will prioritize a new web presence. UL&LS administration will provide the resources to develop an updated web presence that serves the college mission and advances the strategic plan.

  • UL&LS:
    • Design accessible digital presences that foster learning and research.
    • Improve and expand digital presences that are attractive, useful, and easily navigated and that optimize web and mobile presence including content, discovery, services, and social media.
  • Every project will describe how it will improve or leverage our digital presence.


Priorities set our direction and goals in order to serve our mission and achieve our vision. Four priorities emerged from UL&LS individual strategic initiatives:

      I.         Creating an Internal Culture of Engagement and Learning

     II.         Building and Exploiting the Full Potential of Distinctive Collections

    III.         Promoting Student Success

   IV.         Fostering New Knowledge

Priority I  |   Creating an Internal Culture of Engagement and Learning

The UL&LS recognizes the value of an internal culture of engagement and learning. Employees are key to its success. Good stewardship of these critical human resources is a high priority and supports the UNM2020 Vision of faculty and staff where “Faculty and staff work in interdisciplinary teams to enhance an efficient and effective environment where pathways for professional growth and development are supplemented by leaders and managers that invest in people and programs.” To meet the needs of the campus, it is paramount to shift from a perspective of coping to one of adapting.

Specific areas of focus when Creating an Internal Culture of Engagement and Learning are:

  1. Building and maintaining human capacity to achieve the UL&LS’s goals.
  2. Embracing and leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion to enhance relationships, take advantage of new opportunities, and better serve students.
  3. Creating organizational capacity through improved business processes and workflow efficiencies.
  4. Communicating to foster trust, build relationships, and improve performance.
  5. Improving our physical spaces to meet the changing needs of library work, facilitate learning and collaboration, and enhance the sense of community and engagement among library employees.

Priority II  |  Building and Exploiting the Full Potential of Distinctive Collections

The UL&LS is a recognized leader in New Mexico and the region for building, maintaining and providing access to vital and unique collections to our stakeholders. UNM distinctive collections feature New Mexico and the Southwest, Native American, and Latin America. As the largest library in the state with the most comprehensive collections, we will work continuously to improve the quality, diversity, and findability of our materials. This priority meets the UNM2020 goals of Advance Discovery and Innovation and Promote Institutional Citizenship and Inclusive Excellence.

Specific areas of focus in support of Building and Exploiting the Full Potential of Distinctive Collections include:

  1. Collaborating in the state and the region to ensure funding and human resources are used most effectively to expand collections.
  2. Utilizing collection development strategies that recognize the diverse nature and needs of our population for content and format.
  3. Showcasing research being done by students and faculty where our knowledgeable staff, services, and extensive collections are integral.
  4. Being a leader in the state in the digitization, preservation, and presentation of archives and special collections that advance scholarship.
  5. Working to increase users’ awareness and discovery of existing collections and content to maximize their value.
  6. Providing descriptions and tools that expand the ability of users to discover and request materials through our online presence.
  7. Optimizing the use of our print collection spaces through collaborative arrangements with state and regional partners.

Priority III  |  Promoting Student Success

The UL&LS is an essential partner in the promotion of student success and knowledge creation at UNM by using a multi-variable approach: cultivating physical learning spaces; curating physical and digital collections; advancing research and teaching; serving as a hub for transdisciplinary learning; and investing in student development and recognition. In these ways, the College supports the University’s strategic goal to Prepare Lobos for Lifelong Success.

  1. Specific areas in which the UL&LS will focus in support of Promoting Student Success include:
  2. Maintaining and updating facilities that provide students with comfortable and productive learning environments that are welcoming to a diverse student population, and enriching library spaces with programming, community events, and technology.
  3. Leading a commitment to serve the diverse communities of the University well by investing in equity and inclusion efforts by providing a range of access methods for resources, developing varied learning spaces, and through a celebration of difference.
  4. Highlighting and encouraging discovery and use of collections through outreach, innovative teaching, and via a reliable and responsive digital presence.
  5. Diversifying and extending research education through the adoption of new online delivery methods, promotion of College expertise and services, and furthering efforts to meet students at their point of need.
  6. Serving as an essential campus partner to faculty in supporting knowledge creation by students.
  7. Teaching information literacy and new media literacy skills to prepare students for dynamic academic and workforce landscapes.
  8. Recognizing student potential by fostering student employee and student researcher development and growth, and formally honoring excellence in performance.

Priority IV  |  Fostering New Knowledge

The UL&LS is an essential partner in contributing to UNM's creation and sharing of new knowledge through delivering research support; building and actively managing materials and collections; providing facilities that enable engagement with information and productive collaboration; and active collaboration with researchers in shared knowledge creation. In all of these areas, the College is an active partner in advancing the University's strategic goal to Advance Discovery and Innovation by all UNM scholars.

Specific areas in which the UL&LS will focus in support of Fostering New Knowledge include:

  1. Expanding capacity to meet increasing demands for access to research data, effective research data planning and management, and coordinated data management, discovery, access, and preservation infrastructure.
  2. Alignment of collections priorities to support UNM's areas of research excellence, our roles as a repository of knowledge in New Mexico, and as a national and world-class resource for specific collections.
  3. Re-envisioning of the Library's facilities to meet the evolving needs of UNM's research and learning community for access to knowledge, spaces that facilitate effective collaboration, and knowledge creation and sharing technologies.
  4. Building long-term collaborations with UNM researchers that combine the knowledge and skills of library faculty and staff and disciplinary researchers across campus.
  5. Expanding the role of the Library as a critical partner in knowledge creation, scholarly communication, and publication for all UNM researchers.


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