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Brand Standards for Marketing, Communication, Web

College Branding

As part of The University of New Mexico the College follows the standards set by the UNM Communications and Marketing department (UCAM). UCAM has developed print and web standards for design and content for print, digital and web designs. Information on the UNM color palette, photography style, writing style and use of typography can be found at


The University of New Mexico uses two unique fonts in its branded communications: Vitesse and Gotham, in various weights.

Vitesse is a bold slab-serif that can be used to grab attention, while Gotham is a modern sans-serif that communicates confidence and friendliness through its simplicity.

By utilizing combinations of these two fonts, we’re able to create communications that are both bold and distinct, yet consistent and tied to the UNM brand.

Common Font

When Gotham or Vitesse is not available, Arial is the chosen "common font." It's available to everyone, ADA compliant, and aesthetically complementary to the brand fonts.

Writing Style

UCAM provides a Quick Reference Writing Guide for common questions in both web and press release styles. For all non-academic university publications and websites, follow the Associated Press Stylebook,

College Specific Use

  • University Libraries not UNM Libraries
  • Ask a Librarian not Ask-a-Librarian or Ask A Librarian
  • Center for Southwest Research & Special Collections -
  • Fine Arts & Design Library
  • Parish Memorial Library
  • Centennial Science and Engineering Library
  • Zimmerman Library
  • Organization, Information and Learning Sciences - abbreviate as OILS only when needed

Web Content Management

The UNM Webmaster maintains UNM-wide policies and standards per Policy 2570: Official University Webpages and also guides for how to use the brand on websites, and tutorials on using the web content management system.

College Specific Webpage Style Decisions

  • Search boxes, buttons and other graphic elements should be consistent across our websites
  • For content blocks used as sidebars: use H3 for the major headings and Paragraph for the the rest of the content.
  • Phone numbers on web pages are formatted (505) 277-xxxx to be consistent with the UNM main web pages.
  • Standard Images sizes across all sites:
    • page banner images are 1920 x 540 px (top of pages and top of page slideshows)
    • Discover More section images are: 300 x 200 px and 610 x 510 px
    • images within pages are 600 x 200 px (example page) or 325 x 300 px (example page)
    • images do not have borders or keylines
    • main page slider images on are 325 x 200 px