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Nancy Bennett

Library Operations Manager

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  • Parish Memorial Library
  • (505) 925-9688


Nancy Bennett is the Library Operations Manager for the William J. Parish Memorial Library.  She manages Parish Library building operations, maintains the collections, develops scheduling, and supervises staff and student employees.  She is also in charge of the semi-annual UL fundraising efforts, as well as the Cuddle-a-Canine program.
Nancy received her BFA in life drawing and art history from Bowling Green State University (Ohio), and did graduate work at the University of Chicago and The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.
Previously, she worked at Wally Findlay Art Galleries (Chicago), Department of Sociology at Northwestern University, the library of the US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), and the Department of Energy FOIA Collection at CNM.  She joined UNM is 1998, becoming the T-REX program manager at the ATR Institute, UNM Department of Engineering, before joining the University Libraries in 2008.
Nancy is active in animal rights and rescue and shares her home with assorted dogs and cats. Her partner is an indigenous rights activist and saxophonist.